In bold below, are the contents of an e-mail authored by Sgt Bartley of the Major Crimes Division of K Division, Alberta RCMP. The e-mail describes the crooked deal entered into by Chief Hanson of the Calgary Police Service and K Division, RCMP Alberta. The e-mail was sent to Bob Fenton who was then the lawyer for Chief Hanson, and is now the lawyer for Mark Neufeld the latest Chief of the Calgary Police Service, and others.

β€œ The RCMP has agreed to investigate defamatory libel concerning members of the Calgary Police Service (CPS) Homicide Unit, and the obstruction of a historic homicide the CPS detectives were pursuing. That was the request put forth to the RCMP by Chief Hanson and our parameters of investigation will be constrained to meet that request only. Bear in mind, this unit (Lethbridge Major Crimes) is primarily a homicide investigation unit, so our demands are high and numerous, in addition to those required to properly meet this (John Kelly) file. We, the RCMP are dealing with matters concerning defamatory libel and obstruction of their (CPS) homicide investigators on a historic homicide only. β€œ

As a result of the above crooked deal, Sgt Bartley ended up charging me with seven (7) bogus criminal charges. Including four (4) bogus charges of criminal libel involving police officers, two (2) bogus charges of obstructing police officers, and one (1) bogus charge of criminal harassment of a police officer.

You will easily note, that all of the bogus charges dealt with police officers. All of the Calgary police and RCMP officers involved in the bogus charges being laid, were all part of the crooked cops network. They also got assistance from Jennifer Rees a crooked Crown prosecutor.

Exactly nine (9) weeks after those seven (7) bogus charges were laid, they were all thrown out of court by a Provincial Court Judge. When neither crooked Sgt Bartley or crooked Crown prosecutor Jennifer Rees or the crooked Calgary police officers, could provide to the Judge any evidence to substantiate the bogus charges they had laid at the behest and direction of crooked police Chief Rick Hanson.

Now, according to the crooked deal made between Chief Hanson and described by Sgt Bartley, that should have been the end of the RCMP’s involvement. Except for the fact, that they were now all in jeopardy as a result of their bogus charges being thrown out of court.

So what did the crooked cops network do next. They immediately laid eight (8) more bogus charges, then laid another eight (8) and then transferred the criminal matters away from Provincial court to the Court of Queens Bench. They also changed crooked Crown prosecutor Jennifer Rees for crooked Crown prosecutor Karen Hewitt.

They also obtained a publication ban on all proceedings that not only covered the new bogus charges, but also covered the prior bogus charges, all in all over thirty four (34) bogus criminal charges would end up being laid against me. Out of that (34) they only got three (3) convictions.

AND VERY DISTURBING Is that the three (3) wrongful convictions consisted of, two (2) bogus charges of obstructing police officers, and one (1) bogus charge of criminal harassment of a police officer. Which are the SAME BOGUS CHARGES that had already been thrown out by a Provincial Court Judge over two years earlier, when the crooked cops network could provide no evidence to support the charges.

JUSTICE EARL WILSON CALGARY C.Q.B: Mr. Kelly, I am going to tell you three things. Number 1. “The Crown and the Police are out to put you in jail”. Number 2. “Innocent people go to jail all the time, I should know”. Number 3. “Whatever you do, make sure you keep your powder dry”. (page titled CJ coming soon).