Crooked cops in the Calgary Police Service and the RCMP, cannot operate without a crooked support network. That network is either found within their own crooked organization or within others. This website will expose the crooked networks that they have access to. Such networks they utilize fully to get away with the corrupt and criminal acts they commit.

There can be no Vigilance Courage or Pride within the Calgary police service.

Not when any police officer from the Chief on down, can use their position of power, to not only cover up criminal acts committed by fellow officers, but can also file bogus charges against innocent people, then take those innocent people through the crooked cops network, which then results in innocent people having wrongful convictions and to some wrongful imprisonment.

LINKS: Links to the categories listed below will be available to be viewed as soon as they’re ready (at the top of this page). The information published on those pages will expose the crooked cops network and how they interact with other crooked networks to accomplish their crooked goals. The list below will be expanded. (MUCH MORE TO COME)

WEB: Contents of my websites.
OBJC: Obstruction of Justice and Conspiracy.
CPS: Calgary Police Service collusion with RCMP.
CCN: Classic example of how a Crooked Cops Network operates.
CROWN: Crooked Crown Prosecutor Jennifer Rees and others.
CJ: Calgary Judges and Justices.
PRISONS: Drumheller Federal and Provincial jails.
RCMP: K Division Alberta RCMP.
ASIRT: Alberta Serious Incident Response Team.
PSS: Professional Standards Section.
CPC: Calgary Police Commission.
LERB: Alberta’s Law Enforcement Review Board.
ABJ: Alberta Justice & Solicitor Generals Office.
LSA: Law Society Alberta.
DB: Dan Bennett civil action Lethbridge courts 1806-00407.

Much more to be added: johnkelly475@yahoo.ca